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The covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the well-being of many people, myself included. The unprecedented new regulations and the change in social normality forced people away from what they were accustomed to each day.

There was an imbalance in people’s lives.

However, many people took this as an opportunity to learn a new skill, meditate, do some home exercises and much more. YouTubers, podcasts, radio stations, and apps were at the forefront of this, guiding people to self help.

The pandemic has led to a surge in downloads of mental wellness apps, such as Calm, Headspace and Fabulous, as everyone tries to de-stress. Although the market is growing exponentially, there may still not be an app tailored to a user’s specific needs.

LLENO takes a step back from the strict confines of daily planners and offers a more abstract way for a person to track what they have achieved each day. It differentiates itself as a planning and reflection tool because there are no objectives and the expectations set out by the user are fluid and interchangeable.

When mental well-being can be a challenge for many, the app aspires to be a fun and satisfying experience that motivates users to fill each day and look back at what they have achieved in a positive light.

The Orbs

What are they?

An orb is a fluid object that moves around in the app. 

It represents the time assigned to an activity so the more you do is then shown by the scale.

Each orb can be edited to any colour of your choice as users may have a personal preference to what they percieve an activity as. For example, relaxing could be green for positive, blue for calming etc.

Editing the time of an activity.

Within the app, the user will be able to edit the orbs at any point. They can do this by holding down on it (similar to a widget) and it will bring them to this area shown on the left.

The user can change three things, the time spent on the activity, the minimum amount and finally the aim if they want to set a target.

For the size of the orb, they can user the small circle as a handle and drag it around the circle to set a time, or they can use a pinch motion.

The thin white outline of the orb on the left is the aim. As you can see the person has not reached what they wanted to achieve that day yet. To edit the aim, the user can tap on the tab at the bottom and drag around the small line.

Editing the the colour and orb name.

To change the name of the orb, simple tap on the text and a keyboard will appear for you to re-enter your new change.

Holding down on the orb in the edit menu will change the interface to what is shown on the right. This lets the user drag the orb to a colour of their choosing and once released, that colour will be set.


The statistics can be accessed by the hamburger menu at the top left.

This area of the app allows the user to see how their time allocations have changed over different periods of time. It is important to see if anything short term has changed compared to what is normally done over the year etc.

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